Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Avery Hill Hedge #2

Over two days we (Fred, Ian and myself) laid a second section of hedge on the Greenwich University campus at Avery Hill. This consisted of 110 meters of mixed planted hedge alongside a footpath.

 The hedge is north facing and approximately twelve years old. It had only been trimmed along the path side creating a rather dense appearance from that side. The principle species in the hedge are Field Maple, Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Privet, Holly and Spindle. The Field Maple had grown extremely well and was in places over twelve feet tall and dominating the hedge.
The back of the hedge had been planted with Hazel and Blackthorn to a depth of about fifteen feet abutting the original field boundary that is now a line of mature trees, causing severe shading on the south side. In addition to laying the hedge we were asked to create a walk-way at the rear of the hedge to allow for litter-picking etc. We also removed some of the overhanging boughs from the mature trees to allow more light to reach the hedge.

The two photos below were taken the day after the work was completed and all the brash has now been collected into one pile at the far end of the hedge.  It shows the laid hedge and the additional natural light allowed in by the laying and thinning, giving the pathway a neat open appearance.